Sugar Mama Drink Shimmer
Sugar Mama Drink Shimmer
Sugar Mama Drink Shimmer
Sugar Mama Drink Shimmer

Sugar Mama Drink Shimmer

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Make your drink sparkle! This edible drink shimmer is a tiktok sensation and so fun if you are having a party, girls night, etc to add a little fun to your drink. 


  • No texture
  • No flavor
  • 100% FDA approved edible
  • 4g jar
  • USA made in Spring, TX
  • Ingredients: mica & dextrose

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you use Sugar Mama Shimmer for items other than beverages?
A. Of course! We recommend shimmering pastries, desserts, fruit, vegetables, flowers and more! A little bit goes a long way, so shimmer away!


Q. Will Sugar Mama Shimmer dissolve or sink?
A. The shimmer is made to suspend in liquid longer than other industry brands (which are using regular food grade glitter), giving you more of an opportunity to snap that Instagram video. Don’t forget to tag Redeemed! 

Q. How long will a 4g jar container last?
A. Foreeevvvvver! A little bit goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to share with your friends. We estimate 30-40 servings in one 4g jar.


Q. Does Sugar Mama Shimmer contain gluten, nuts, soy or eggs?
A. No. The Shimmer is 100% edible and uses only FDA approved ingredients. Our shimmer is vegan, GMO free, dairy free, gluten free, egg free and nut free. It is not manufactured using soy, but as with any allergens there is always a risk of cross contamination from other products. For information on ingredients, visit each product page on our website for a full list

Q. What ingredients are in Sugar Mama Shimmer?
All of our edible shimmers contain various mica powder pigments and go through a specific manufacturing process allowing the mineral to be edible & consumable. Ingredients found in our edible shimmer include dextrose, rice starch and color additives specifically approved for food use, including mica-based pearlescent pigments and FD&C colors such as FD&C Blue No. 1. The FDA has approved all of the ingredients being used in our edible shimmers based on the FDA approved ingredients & usage levels. To learn more about the FDA approved usage levels and the approved ingredients list from the FDA follow the links below; FDA Approved Ingredients List FDA Approved Usage Levels, Article 73.350