Ella B Candles

Ella B Candles

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Ella B candles are a made in NC and are owned by a husband and wife duo. They customize each candle packaging for Redeemed. The following candle names were chosen by me and printed on the pretty packaging and paired with their top 6 scents. I LOVE these candles because they seriously burn for 60+ hours as long as you trim the wick. They also don't give me a headache because they are 100% soy. They definitely make the perfect gift for a candle lover.

  • USA made
  • 100% soy
  • pretty feminine packaging
  • burns 60+ hours 
  • hand poured
  • each candle is 11oz
  • trim wick each time you go to light the candle for a longer burn
  • All of the candle scents smell great. They are the brands top 6 scents. I think they are all great cause they are light and springy but not too strong of a clean smell because they are mixed with warm scented ingredients too. So they are a good mix for the best of both worlds.

Scent Descriptions:

  • Appalachia Chai (best seller): pumpkin & clove 
  • Kentucky Christmas (best seller): cinnamon & nutmeg
  • My Old Kentucky Home: sandalwood & cashmere
  • 606 (best seller, sold out): amber, musk, & sage