Summer Trends 2018

Trends, I've never been a huge fan. Remember when chevron print was a thing? I got a dress that was chevron print once and it was one of the worst buys of my life. $40 for a basic cut dress and I looked like an Easter egg. However, lately I think trends have kind of been more my style. I can't think of a recent trend off the top of my head that I've thought was terrible. There's a lot of trends this Summer that I'm really into and I just wanted to share my thoughts on what's in and what's good this Summer. 

1. Stripes

Stripes are basically everywhere. It's hard to buy anything without stripes because everything that's cute has them. Stripes are always good when they run horizontal (up and down) but, beware when they run vertical (side to side). Vertical stripes are tricky to pull off but, it can be done. 

2. Yellow 

Yellow is the new black this Summer and not just sunshine yellow but mustard yellow. That yellow you think would only be for Fall is actually on trend for Summer. I'm really sorry I don't have anything in thats yellow at the moment. Everything I like thats yellow is sold out. I'm working on it though. 

3. Overalls 

The 90's are back y'all and it feels so good. Comment below if you're a 90's baby! It was a good decade. Overalls, jellies, lip smackers, Oshkosh (or however you spell it). These denim overalls can be worn Spring time, Summa time, Fall time, heck Winter time even. Don't think of overalls as a farm thing. They can be styled so many different ways. They are a classic staple and you know it. You need some. Click the shop tab when you're done reading to get yours. 

4. Front Cut Out's 

 Front cut outs are like stripes right now. They're everywhere. We have this cute "striped" jumper with a cut out. It's a double whammy trend. Redeemed will also have a red dress with a front cut out that will be live to shop next week! 

5. Platform Sandals

Again, with the past but, remember that the past always repeats itself, especially in fashion. Platform sandals were huge in the early 2000's. I use to have an all black pair. I wore those suckers out. These are sooo cute and I'm so mad because they were totally going to be available at Redeemed and then the company that I was going to buy them from had to go and suck and sell out even though I had already purchased them. They sold more than they had. If you can get your hand on a pair, I would buy em. :) 

The End. 

Thats my favorite trends right now plus bandana's but, I didnt have time to add those. My puppy has to go outside and she's giving me the "I can't wait." puppy eyes. Sooo, anyways I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I plan to do a weekly Friday Five with my favorite everything of what I'm loving for the week. Stay tuned for that and comment below with any questions you may have! Happy Tuesdeee! 





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